Just Because Party

On the 23rd February, Farha and Chris had a party ‘just because’. The party was to be at Farha’s home and she wanted it to be amazing, so I came up with the theme ‘camp’.  I enrolled the help of Trudie and Eva (our lovely transvestite hosts) to meet and greet and run the bar.

We decorated the hall, dining area and kitchen with the hot pink floofs made by Sara Snood of FizzySnood. The gorgeous pink flowers in matching vases were provided by the florist Kate Langdale. We provided the props/vintage china and circus style signs.

The black gloss bar was set up in the corner of the kitchen and we filled our tin baths with ice and wine. We hung the very lovely Bernard (stag) behind the bar and went mad with the fairy lights as well as setting up a cloakroom on the first floor with a cloakroom assistant.

Farha did her own catering and we then set it out in the adjoining room. The food was very simple because her son has a nut allergy and it has to be prepared in a nut free kitchen.

The famous DJ is a friend of Farha’s and as he set up the music the wine began to flow and our Eva and Trudie were taking care of the guests as they arrived and we slipped away! It was the perfect, over-the-top evening.