Rescue Hens

Day-to-Day Life

photo (1)Last Friday we rescued 3 battery hens as sadly our gorgeous Mrs Snowball and Betty were taken by the fox. It is always a risk having hens but the risks outweigh the brilliant payback you get from these intelligent, loving creatures.  We have had lots of hens over the last 7 years, originally initiated by my eldest daughter.  We have had mixed rare breed hens with battery and even reared our own. We also had a rooster at one point, but he was rehomed as my neighbour wanted to kill me!


When you get battery hens they are really rather manky!  Often bald, smelly and very dirty. But very quickly they regain their mojo and their health begins to return. We always name them as they are our pets and this time they have rather funny names: Fiesty, Sweety and Blonde. Fiesty has escaped twice and is very hard to catch.  We have clipped their wings to stop them flying out of the run, but somehow she managed to leap frog her way out.  This is a lovely picture of two of our hens making friends with our rather posh rare breed hen.  I am giving you a link to resuce some hens if the mood takes you. Go for it – freshly laid eggs are absolutely wonderful and giving a home to a poor, bedraggled creature and watching it blossom is brilliant.

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