Day-to-Day Life

163154_10150122453764884_3969536_nGardening here at Vintage Events HQ is always a love hate thing; the garden is absolutely beautiful and I do love gardening, but only in nice weather! So, when the sun comes out I am immediately outside and up to my knees in dirt!
This year we are doing quite a lot of hard landscaping, chopping some trees down to make a nest for Willy who will be renovated later this spring. We’re also re-doing our pathways and the flower beds at the front of the house. I always have help from the puggies – you wouldn’t believe how helpful they are! I have sprayed & fed the roses & am busily chopping, weeding, cutting back and clearing. We’ve rather a lot of box hedges here in the garden and I was really worried that I had “box blight” – a disease which spreads, kills and is unstoppable. Luckily for me it is just lack of water! So hose on, I am going mad with the watering.

I like being physically exhausted, especially when you have been outside and you can see what you have achieved. I always get excited in spring as I think of the lovely summer parties/weddings coming up. Even if you have a patch or a small courtyard it can be made to look pretty. Looking at these gorgeous images is my source of inspiration for what I can do in my own back garden!


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