Choosing A Wedding Photographer


Taken by Teri V















Choosing a wedding photographer is a tricky one as there are so many good ones out there. We do have a list of fantastic photographers that we recommend (Teri V being one of them!), but to be honest it normally is a gut instinct feeling of liking the portfolio and then meeting up and seeing how you interact.

Rachel Kara & Tim Ashton

Taken by Rachel Kara & Tim Ashton




























We always strongly recommend that you do meet as it is such a personal day and you want all your joy and happiness to be captured by someone you trust. My own wedding photos are not great, sadly it was back in the 80s and we were all a bit formal. Today, the intimate scenes before the wedding, during and after can be captured in that magical click and kept forever.


Taken by Teri V















I suggest that you do your homework on photographers, look at local ones, ask friends and check websites. Always ask to see testimonials and portfolios – do not be embarrassed about interviewing prospective photographers. Ask the florist if they can recommend someone, they will have worked with many and will know who to suggest.

































Here are some lovely magical memories for you to indulge in and hopefully be inspired!

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