Day-to-Day Life

Are you really happy? Funny question to ask on a Saturday I know but an interesting thought. I guess it depends on lots of things: money, health, love, work. But after watching two people who have lots of money and never worked, neither are happy and have many problems. On the other hand, my friend who is battling breast cancer is extremely brave and always positive and most of the time happy and those with little money seem to be more content than those with extreme wealth.

193cadbdbebbf47112ce71ad04765ca5So how do we balance it all out? And there is the love bit what does that mean? Can you be lucky in love, is it fate or do you meet the wrong person all the time? If all we have is love does it make the world an easier place? I shall leave this with you to ponder on. I am happy and though I do wonder sometimes what is it all about, as long as my children are well and safe I am doing just fine!

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